Izumi Kaneko Pianist 
金子 泉金子 泉

 東京音楽大学(ピアノ演奏家コース)卒業。東京音楽大学大学院修了。日本クラシック音楽コンクール中学生の部第5位(1,2,4位なし)受賞。大阪国際音楽コンクール・アンサンブル部門入賞、エスポアール賞受賞。ジュラ・キシュ国際ピアノコンクール第2位受賞(1位なし)。これまでにリスト音楽院オーケストラ、Ashdod Symphony Orchestraと協奏曲を共演。




 IZUMI is a pianist, who received her MA in piano performance at Tokyo College of Music. She won the 5th prize on the junior section at the Japan Classical Music Competition (first, second and 4th not applicable). Won the prize as well as received the Espoir prize on the ensemble section at the Osaka International Music Competition. Received the second prize at the Gyula Kiss International Piano Competition (first not applicable). She has performed concertos with the Franz Liszt Academy of Music Orchestra and Ashdod Symphony Orchestra. She has also worked with the prominent Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi, and done recordings with the major Japanese TV broadcasts. She enjoys her career in holding solo recitals and ensemble stages. She has played at different venues including Izumi Hall, Musashino Public Hall and Nippori Sunny Hall. Currently, she plays classical for solo and ensemble as well as works as a piano accompanist for gospel music.

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